Toraya TORAYA TOKYO 10th anniversary sweets
(All images are sourced from Toraya's official website)

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the opening of Toraya's Marunouchi, Tokyo store, Toraya Tokyo will be offering "Special Yokan 'Black Tea Shirabe'", "10th Anniversary Limited Edition Nama Gashi Set", and "Anzu Cream Soda".

Special Yokan "Black Tea Shirabe

Toraya "Special Yokan 'Black Tea Shirabe'" and "Anzu Cream Soda

Special Yokan "Black Tea Shirabe" will be available in limited quantities from October 1. The medium size yokan is priced at 1,944 yen per piece (tax included, same as below).

According to Toraya, the black tea-flavored amber kan, which is made to preserve the elegant flavor and deep, beautiful color of Darjeeling, one of the world's three best teas, is layered with Toraya's traditional kneaded yokan.

10th Anniversary Limited Nama Gashi Set

Toraya TORAYA TOKYO 10th anniversary sweets

The "10th Anniversary Limited Nama Gashi Set" will be on sale from October 1 to 5. Limited to 30 boxes each day. The price is 1,440 yen per box.

Each box contains one confectionary from the Toraya Group. It is said that each flavor can be enjoyed. Starting with Toraya's "Tororobu", Toraya Kobo's "Dorayaki Chestnut", and Toraya Paris Store's "Mochi Made in Guerande". All of them are filled with Gozen-an (sweet red bean paste).

Anzu Cream Soda

Toraya TORAYA TOKYO 10th anniversary sweets

Apricot Cream Soda" will be available as a limited menu item at coffee shops from October 1 to 31. The price is 1,320 yen.

Soda water mixed with white honey is poured over a small amber jelly filled with apricots, and apricot ice cream is poured on top. Anzu puree (optional) is poured on top.