Mos "Narimosu Double Burger"

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Mos Burger will sell the "Narimasu Double Burger," a modernized version of the menu from the time of its founding, in Tokyo, the birthplace of Mos Burger.

Narimosu Double Burger

The "Narimosu Double Burger" was sold at the first Mos Burger restaurant, Mos Burger Narimosu (Narimosu, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo), in March as part of the 50th anniversary celebration, and was so well received that more than 900 burgers were sold in a single day. This time, it will be sold at 172 Mos Burger outlets in Tokyo for a limited time from October 3 to October 16.

The "Mos Burger," a typical Mos Burger menu item, consists of a juicy patty (meat) on a bun, cut onions, a generous amount of Mos original meat sauce, and sliced tomatoes, topped with another patty, onions, meat sauce, and crunchy lettuce. The burger is then topped with a patty, onions, meat sauce, and crispy lettuce, and served on a bun. This commemorative product is a modern version of the "Mos Double Burger" (sold until 1990), a menu item from the time of the company's founding. The price is 690 yen (tax included).