Kanro "Blissful Fermented Butter Candy

Kanro will release "Blissful Fermented Butter Candy," which offers the original taste and lightness of butter as if you were licking fermented butter. The product will go on sale on September 20. It will be available for sale on September 20, 2010, in 70 grams and priced at 227 yen (tax included).

Blissful Fermented Butter Candy

The new "Blissful Fermented Butter Candy" was created with a premium, authentic fermented butter flavor in mind. Fermented butter" is made by adding lactic acid bacteria during the process of processing cream into butter, followed by fermentation. Fermented butter made in Hokkaido is used to reproduce the full-fledged richness and light flavor characteristic of fermented butter. In addition, fresh cream from Hokkaido is used to create a refined taste.

The shape of the candy grain is also carefully designed to resemble a rectangle, just like a butter cube. The deep richness and light flavor of fermented butter fills your mouth with a blissful experience that will melt your heart and cheeks.

The package design evokes the sizzle of delicious butter and the blissful sensation of licking high-quality butter. In addition, the fresh blue color of the packaging is a departure from the traditional yellow butter-colored candies, expressing a sense of luxury and the rich taste and freshness of fermented butter.