Famima "Gochimusubi" 30 yen discount sale

FamilyMart will offer a 30 yen discount on four types of "Gochimusubi" for seven days from September 20 to September 26. The items are "Big Salmon Harami", "Torosaba", "Harakomeshi", and "Hinai Jidori no Aburi Yakitori Tori Meshi".

Gochimusubi 30 yen discount sale

Gochimusubi" is a popular luxury omusubi series that has sold more than 150 million servings since its second anniversary. For its second anniversary, the series is focusing on rice, seaweed, and ingredients under the theme of "Gochi Rice, Gochi Nori, Gochi Ingredients.

For seven days only, from September 20 to September 26, four types of "Gochimusubi" will be on sale with a 30 yen discount. The lineup is as follows

Big Salmon Harami

Famima "Gochimusubi" Big Salmon Harami

Since the launch of the Gochimusubi series, this is our most popular standard large salmon harami. The salmon harami is cut into bite-sized pieces, aged for two nights, and simply seared with a sprinkling of salt from the Seto Inland Sea. The price is 210 yen (tax included).

Torosaba mackerel

Famima "Gochimusubi" Grilled mackerel with grated yam

Torosaba mackerel, one of the most fatty and juicy mackerels produced in Japan, is used. The mackerel is aged in two stages: two nights in seaweed salt and two nights in salted malted rice to preserve its flavor. During the searing process, the mackerel is coated with salted malt and sake to suppress its distinctive odor. The price is 185 yen.


Famima "Gochimusubi" Harakomeshi

Harakomeshi, a local dish of the Tohoku region, is made into rice balls. Harakomeshi is made with salmon roe marinated in soy sauce seasoned with a special soy sauce and Hokkaido salmon. By cooking the rice and salmon together, the flavor of the salmon can be felt even more. Price: 248 yen.

Hinai Jidori Chicken Seared and Grilled Chicken Rice

Famima "Gochimusubi" Hinai Jidori Seared and Grilled Chicken Rice

Hinai Jidori chicken from Akita Prefecture, one of Japan's three great landlocked chickens, is used. The chicken meat is tossed with sauce and seared to perfection. The soy sauce-glazed rice is cooked together with a soup containing Hinai Jidori chicken extract, so that the flavor of the Jidori chicken can be felt in both the rice and the ingredients. The price is 220 yen.