Lotte "Sou: Fresh Chocolate in Vanilla

Lotte Sou brand will release Sou Raw Chocolate in Vanilla. This flavor consists of vanilla ice cream filled with raw chocolate made from Ecuadorian cacao beans in a mille-feuille shape, which goes well with vanilla.

Sou: Raw Chocolate in Vanilla

Sou: Raw Chocolate in Vanilla" is characterized by the satisfying taste of the ice cream that you feel the moment you eat it, and the refreshing aftertaste that is created by the fine ice that washes over your mouth. You can enjoy the mouthwatering taste and texture created by the fine ice cubes.

Lotte "Sou: Fresh Chocolate in Vanilla

The raw chocolate is made from Ecuadorian cacao beans, which are a perfect match for vanilla, and offers a gorgeous cacao aroma (1% of the product contains cacao mass made from Ecuadorian cacao beans). The vanilla ice cream is filled with raw chocolate in a mille-feuille shape, so that the perfect balance of vanilla and raw chocolate can be tasted wherever it is consumed.

Sou Raw Chocolate in Vanilla" will go on sale nationwide on September 26. The product is a lacto ice cream with a content of 185 ml. The estimated price is 162 yen (including tax).