Sugakiya "Sugakiya Ice Cream Cream Cream Zenzai Flavor
(Image source: Sugakiya's official website)

Sugakiya announced on its official website that Sugakiya Ice Cream Cream Cream Zenzai Flavor is now available from Sugakiya. It will be available at shopping centers and service areas in Aichi, Gifu, Mie, and Shizuoka, and at the official online store. The retail price is 3,910 yen for a set of 8 110 ml cups (tax included, no delivery charge).

Sugakiya Ice Cream Cream Zenzai Flavor

According to Sugakiya, the company was founded in Nagoya as a sweet shop before it was known as a ramen chain in the Tokai area as it is today. It is said to have a long history of sweetness. The "Cream Zenzai" is a long-selling zenzai topped with soft-serve ice cream, and is described as a dish that spreads the sweetness of large, fluffy red beans.

This time, the ice cream has reproduced the same flavor. The official online store offers a variety of recipes, such as "Ogura Toast" style French toast (a Nagoya specialty), Ogura Ice Cream Green Tea Affogato, and Ogura Ice Cream Monaka. The calorie count is 195 kcal per cup.