Kappa Sushi "Kappa's Selected 100 yen (110 yen including tax) Festival".

Kappa Sushi will hold "Kappa's Selected 100 yen (110 yen including tax) Festival" from September 21 to October 10.

Kappa's Selected 100 yen (110 yen including tax) Festival

Kappa Sushi is proud to offer a wide variety of "delicious! Kappa Sushi is proud to offer a selection of its best products at an affordable price of 100 yen (110 yen including tax) per plate. All prices are 110 yen per serving (tax included).

Ootoro (Big Tuna)

Ootoro is a premium tuna. The rich, sticky, fine-textured meat has a rich flavor, and the sweetness of the fat that melts easily. The tuna is thawed in low-temperature salt water to preserve the flavor, and each piece is carefully sliced in the restaurant. Available only for eating and drinking in the restaurant.

Kappa Sushi "Big Tuna

Seared Wild Nodoguro (Sea Urchin) with Salt

Nodoguro is also known as "white tuna," and is famous as a high-end fish with a great deal of fat. The "Natural Nodoguro Salt Seared Nodoguro" is made by searing both sides of the nodoguro, which is full of flavor in both the meat and skin, over an open flame upon order. The "crispy" texture of the seared skin and the harmony of the sweet and tasty fat can be fully enjoyed. The fish is lightly sprinkled with salt, so it is best to eat it as is.

Kappa Sushi "Natural Sea Urchin Salt Seared

Natural Pacific bluefin tuna wrapped in Negitoro

Natural tuna wrapped in Negitoro (Negitro). Available only in the restaurant.

Kappa Sushi "Wild Tuna wrapped in Negitoro

Live-close large head shrimp

Kappa Sushi "Live-close Large Shrimp

Toro salmon with salmon roe

Kappa Sushi "Toro Salmon with Salmon Roe Salmon

Products may differ depending on the store.
The product may be out of stock or discontinued even during the sales period due to weather conditions, availability, sales, etc.
Although we take the utmost care in processing and cooking, in rare cases bones and other debris may remain.