Meiji ESSEL SUPER CUP" collaboration package with "Monstar

A collaboration package with the smartphone game "Monster Strike" will appear in Meiji's "Meiji Essl Supercup" ice cream cup series. The "Meiji Essl Supercup Super Vanilla," "Meiji Essl Supercup Green Tea," and "Meiji Essl Supercup Choco Cookie" will be available nationwide starting in late September. Each package contains 200 ml and is expected to be priced at 162 yen (tax included).

Collaboration between Meiji ESSEL SUPER CUP and Monster Strike

Meiji ESSEL SUPER CUP has been a long seller since 1994. The first collaboration was held in 2021 and was well received, so the second collaboration will be held in 2021.

The second collaboration will include the standard "Super Vanilla," "Green Tea," and "Choco Cookie" flavors, as well as a new limited-time-only flavor to be released in November, all packaged in original designs of popular characters. There are 32 designs, eight for each flavor, and all 32 character illustrations on the outer lid incorporate illustrations of Meiji ESSEL SUPER CUP and the brand colors of blue, red, and gold. In addition, the inner lid also features 32 popular characters, for a total of 1,024 combinations.

A special play-themed website, "ENJOY! The site will feature campaigns and games that make the most of the limited-edition original package cover. There will also be a campaign to win original goods featuring newly drawn illustrations. Limited Good Job", which can be used to communicate with other users during multiplayer games, will be distributed within the Monsto app.