FamilyMart "Mos teriyaki steamed meat buns

As part of FamilyMart's "More Tasty," one of the five keywords it has been working on since last year, Mos Burger supervised "Mos Teriyaki Steamed Buns" will go on sale on September 20. The price is 180 yen (tax included).

Mos Teriyaki Steamed Buns

Starting on August 16, 2022, FamilyMart will revamp its "Famima's Chinese buns" with special attention to dough, ingredients, and seasoning, focusing on its standard products. This time, the company collaborated with Mos Burger, a Japanese-born hamburger store, so that customers can enjoy a new flavor variety of Chinese steamed buns. The new product is an adaptation of the restaurant's long-selling "Teriyaki Burger" into FamilyMart's steamed buns.

FamilyMart "Mos teriyaki steamed meat buns

The meat bun is made with a combination of pork, special teriyaki sauce supervised by Mos Burger, and mayo sauce that goes perfectly with the pork. The Mos Burger-supervised special teriyaki sauce is based on soy sauce and miso paste, with cocoa powder and black ground sesame added to give it a deep flavor.

The price including tax is based on a consumption tax rate of 8% for products subject to the reduced tax rate.
Some stores may not carry this product.
The product is available in limited quantities.