Shiseido Parlor "Autumn Parfait with Gifu Prefecture "Mino Chestnuts

Shiseido Parlor will serve "Autumn Parfait with Gifu Prefecture 'Mino Chestnuts'" from September 15 to 30. The price is 2,090 yen (tax included).

Shiseido Parlor Gifu Prefecture "Mino Chestnut" Autumn Parfait

Large, sweet "Mino Chestnuts" from Gifu Prefecture are used for the decoration. Layers of marron cream, marron mousse, and other ingredients are layered to create a parfait with a gentle flavor that allows you to enjoy the taste of chestnuts. It is said that customers can enjoy the autumn parfait at Shiseido Parlor while feeling the autumn season deepening day by day.

The parfait glass is filled with layers of blackcurrant confiture, marron mousse, milk ice cream, marron sauce, crème chantilly, and royalty chocolate, and finished with marron cream to create a gentle flavor that allows you to enjoy the large Mino chestnuts that are the main ingredient. The tuile d'anter and chocolate copoe at the top add a nice accent.

Please note that menu items and sales periods are subject to change depending on availability of ingredients. In addition, some of the decorations may be subject to change. Available at the Nihonbashi store, Yokohama Takashimaya store (*taka is a different letter), Yokohama Sogo store, Nagoya store, Salon de Café Lazona Kawasaki store, and Jiyugaoka store.