Kara-Age Oil Soba" supervised by Mita Noodle Factory
(Image source: Mita Noodle Factory's official website)

It was announced on the official website that "Kara-Age Oil Soba" will appear on the noodle menu supervised by Mita Seimenjo at the Internet Cafe "KAIKATSU CLUB" It will be available from September 20 to November 20.

Kara-Age Oil Soba Noodle Menu supervised by Mita Seimenjo

The dish is said to be a mixture of Mita Seimenjo's special thick soy sauce sauce and the popular fried chicken at "KAIKATSU CLUB". The "Pork Cutlet Oil Soba", which is a combination of salt sauce and pork cutlet, is also available. Stir well and add raayu or vinegar to taste to change the flavor. The set can also be ordered with white rice, etc., to be eaten together with the "omii meshi" (rice topping).

In addition to single servings, "Rice Set," "Fried Rice Set," and "Double Noodle Set" are also available. Prices are as follows. All prices include tax.

Single item: 870 yen
Rice set: 980 yen
Fried rice set: 1,230 yen
Double noodles: 1,090 yen

All of these items can be ordered at any of the 401 KAIKATSU CLUB stores nationwide. For details, please visit the official website of "KAIKATSU CLUB.