I visited KIBACO, a cafe in Kiba Park in Koto-ku, Tokyo. I tried the "Open Sandwich (Tandoori Chicken)," "Aged 'Inca Mezame' Fries" and "Specialty Ice Cafe Au Lait.


Officially named Park Community KIBACO, KIBACO is a commercial facility integrating a café and a marché located on the south side of Kiba Park. It was renovated and reopened in July 2022.

Cafe KIBACO in Kiba Park

This time, I ordered "Open Sandwich (Tandoori Chicken)", "Fried Potatoes with Matured Inca Mezame", and "Specialty Ice Cafe Au Lait" at the cafe and ate them at the eat-in space!

Cafe KIBACO in Kiba Park

Cafe KIBACO in Kiba Park

Open Sandwich (Tandoori Chicken)

The filling of the open sandwich changes daily. In addition to tandoori chicken, "eggplant and meat sauce," "egg salad and cheese," and "mayo mentaiko" were available on this day. Priced at 600 yen each (tax included, same as below).

Cafe KIBACO in Kiba Park Open Sandwich

Sliced tandoori chicken is arranged on a savory baguette and topped with cheese. The moist texture and spicy flavor of the tandoori chicken can be enjoyed. The tandoori chicken is thickly cut and quite filling.

Aged "Inca Mezame" French Fries

These fries are made from "Inca Mezame", which is aged to bring out its sweetness. They are deep-fried to order, so it takes a little time before they are served. But it is worth it!

Cafe KIBACO in Kiba Park

The moist and sticky texture is addictive and delicious. The saltiness is moderate, and the sweetness of the potatoes is enhanced. The price is 400 yen.

Specialty Ice Cafe Au Lait

A combination of rich coffee and mild milk. It seems to go well with open sandwiches as well as other food items (muffins, hamburgers).

Cafe KIBACO in Kiba Park

Served in a kraft paper cup. The price was 400 yen.

Cafe KIBACO in Kiba Park

Located in a park, the view is spectacular! There is also plenty of terrace seating. In addition to eat-in, it is also recommended to To go and enjoy it on your favorite bench in the park.