7-ELEVEN "Mottochiri Warabimochi Nerimilk Strawberry
All images are sourced from 7-Eleven's official website.

Here are the newly arrived sweets that will be sequentially sold at 7-ELEVEN stores from September 20. The lineup includes 13 items. Availability may vary by region and store.

Melting Coffee Jelly

Made with 7-ELEVEN Cafe coffee beans. Coffee jelly and vanilla whip are combined. Price: 230 yen (248.40 yen including tax).

7-ELEVEN "Melted Coffee Jelly

Mochiri-Warabimochi Nerimilk Strawberry

Milk Warabimochi with the rich taste of milk. It is topped with a condensed milk sauce and sweet and sour strawberry sauce with pulp, creating a good balance of sourness and sweetness. Priced at 260 yen (280.80 yen including tax), it will go on sale sequentially from September 21.

7-ELEVEN "Mottochiri Warabimochi Nerimilk Strawberry

The newly arrived ice cream items to be sold sequentially are as follows

Imuraya LaPoppo Potato Apple Pie Ice Cream: 238 yen (257.04 yen including tax)
LaPoppo Farm Waffle Cone Aged Yakimomo 258 yen (278.64 yen including tax)
Imuraya Apple Pie Bar 150 yen (162 yen including tax)
Akagi Gnawing Butter Ice Cream 150 yen (162 yen including tax)
Morinaga: A little bit of ice cream - vanilla - 60 yen (64.80 yen including tax)
Lotte Coolish Snow Brand Coffee 150 yen (162 yen including tax)
Morinaga Seika: Chocolate ice cream with a bite 60 yen (64.80 yen including tax)
Akagi Pistachio Macaroon Ice Cream 228 yen (246.24 yen including tax)
Ohayo Thick Raw Chocolate 380 yen (410.40 yen including tax)