Morinaga Milk Industry "Lipton Grape Tea - Red Grape & White Grape

Lipton, Morinaga Milk Industry's tea brand, will release "Lipton Grape Tea - Red Grape & White Grape" for a limited time. The release date is September 20. The price is 110 yen (excluding tax).

Lipton Grape Tea - Red Grape & White Grape

Lipton Grape Tea - Red Grapes & White Grapes" is a juicy flavored tea that combines 100% Kenyan black tea leaves, carefully selected by the world's leading tea expert "Lipton", with the juice of mellow red grapes and refreshing white grapes. The tea is thoroughly refrigerated from production to delivery to ensure that it always tastes as good as when freshly brewed. In addition, the amount of tea leaves used has been increased by 10% (compared to Morinaga Milk Industry's "Lipton Grape Tea" (launched in 2021)) to give the tea a more authentic aroma and full-bodied taste.

Enjoy the fruity sweetness and aromatic black tea of "Lipton Grape Tea - Red Grape & White Grape" when you need to take a breather or refresh yourself.