Hatsuho Mochi" by Kameya Mannendo

Kameya Mannendo will sell "Hatsuho Mochi (rice cake)" made from new "Fusaotome" rice harvested this fall in Chiba Prefecture. The product will go on sale on October 1. The price is 140 yen per piece (tax included). The product will be on sale until late November.

Hatsuho Mochi

Inside the mochi dough, which allows you to taste the flavor of the new rice, is a sweet red bean paste made from Hokkaido azuki beans and Mitarashi sauce, which is made from the famous "Shimousa soy sauce" for a deeper and more refined taste. One bite will fill your mouth with the rich flavor of new rice and the gentle sweetness of Koshian. In addition, the rich taste of the Mitarashi Sauce that overflows from the inside enhances the flavor of the mochi, giving it a mellow flavor that cannot be tasted anywhere else.

The "Fusaotome" used for the rice cake is an early variety originally bred by Chiba Prefecture and is the earliest variety harvested in the Kanto area. It has a light texture with a moderate stickiness that complements the flavor of the bean paste and Mitarashi sauce.

Koshi-an, made with azuki beans from Hokkaido, is sweet and soft to match the Hatsuho mochi. It is a perfect match for the flavor of new rice and Shimofusa soy sauce.