ITOHAM "Kiri & Stick Strawberry

Kiri & Stick Strawberry 3P and Kiri & Strawberry 1P, the second sweet flavor type from Itoham's Kiri & Stick series, will be available. The release date is September 15. The price is 400 yen for the 3P and 170 yen for the 1P (both including tax).

Kiri & Stick Strawberry

A new strawberry flavor, a classic in sweets, is now available. The cheese dip based on "Kiri" is blended with strawberry puree and other ingredients to create a "sweets-like" product with the gentle sweet and sour taste of strawberries. Two types of packs are available: a one-pack pack for a complete meal and a three-pack pack for the whole family to enjoy. The product is also recommended for those who want to snack but are concerned about calories due to lack of exercise caused by the Corona Disaster.