Famima "Crispy Chicken" all items 20 yen discount sale

FamilyMart will offer a 20 yen discount on all "Crispy Chicken" hot snacks. The offer applies to "Crispy Chicken (Plain)", "Crispy Chicken (Habanero Hot)" and "Crispy Chicken (Kameda's Curry Sen Flavor)".

20 yen off all Crispy Chicken products

This sale commemorates the fact that the total sales of the "Crispy Chicken" series has surpassed 100 million units, the fastest pace in FamilyMart's history, and will be available from September 13 to September 19.

The products are as follows.

Crispy Chicken (plain)

Famima Crispy Chicken (plain)

Crispy batter texture with refreshing chicken meat. Although simply seasoned with soy sauce and garlic, this addictive product will leave you craving for the next bite. Priced at 160 yen (tax included).

Crispy Chicken (Habanero Hot)

Famima Crispy Chicken (Habanero Hot)

Crispy chicken meat with a crispy batter texture. The chili pepper used for seasoning also contains habanero, creating a product with irresistible stimulation. The price is 160 yen.

Crispy Chicken (Kameda's Curry Sen Flavor)

Famima Crispy Chicken (Kameda's Curry Sen Flavor)

Crispy Chicken with a deliciously spicy and spicy flavor that reproduces the taste of Kameda Seika's "Kameda's Curry Sen". Limited quantity. Price: 160 yen.