LAWSON GODIVA-supervised sweets and breads

A total of four GODIVA-supervised sweets and breads will be available at Lawson. The lineup includes "Uchi Cafe x GODIVA Chocolat Amand," "Uchi Cafe x GODIVA Doramocchi Dubre Chocolat," "GODIVA Chocolat Croissant Muffin," and "GODIVA Noir Amand Chocolat Sandwich.

Uchi Cafe x GODIVA Chocolat Amande

On top of the chocolate dough is layered a rich and smooth chocolate mousse with the aroma of cacao made from French and Belgian chocolate, custard with just the right amount of sweetness, and crunchy texture. The top is topped with almond glacage, cacao nibs, chocolate plate, and chocolate cream sprinkled with cocoa powder. The price is 484 yen (tax included, same below).

Uchi Cafe x GODIVA Doramocchi Douvre Chocolat

Chocolate cream and raw chocolate made with Belgian chocolate are encased in a crispy, chewy chocolate-flavored dorayaki dough made with long bean sprouts. The chocolate cream and raw chocolate are mixed with Grand Marnier, an orange liqueur. It enhances the taste of fine chocolate. The dough is branded with the GODIVA symbol for a special touch. The price is 354 yen.

GODIVA Chocolat Croissant Muffin

Danish dough kneaded with chocolate paste containing Belgian chocolate is rolled into a thin layer of cake batter, baked, and filled with raw chocolate containing Belgian chocolate. Price: 235 yen. Not available in Okinawa.

GODIVA Noirmund Chocolat Sandwich

French bread kneaded with chocolate paste and cubes of Belgian chocolate is sandwiched between chocolate cream with roasted walnuts and almonds. It is topped with a chocolate cream with roasted walnuts and almonds, Belgian couverture chocolate with just the right amount of sweetness, and macadamia nuts. The price is 235 yen.