Kyodo Dairy "Patire Temptation Strawberry

Kyodo Nyugyo will release "Patire Temptation Strawberry" from the "Patire" series, an ice cream series supervised by a patissier that you will want to eat every day. The product will go on sale on September 19. The estimated price is 150 yen (excluding tax).

Patire Temptation Strawberry

Patire Temptation Strawberry" is a strawberry ice cream that focuses on the fruitiness of strawberries and the texture of white chocolate chips. The use of strawberry pulp gives the ice cream a bite-size bite that fills the mouth with the texture, tartness, and sweetness of strawberries. In addition, a small amount of raspberry liqueur is used to enhance the berry flavor. The calorie count is 162 kcal.

In addition, white chocolate chips with an enticing crispy and crunchy texture have been added to the "Patire" series to further enhance the enjoyment of the texture, which is a special feature of the series. Enjoy the harmony of strawberries and white chocolate, which go perfectly with each other, and the crunchy texture.