Aoyagi Sohonke "Willows Mont Blanc
(Image source: Aoyagi Sohonke's official website)

Aoyagi Sohonke announced on its official website that "Willows Mont Blanc" is now available as a seasonal uiro (sweet rice cake). Willows Mont-Blanc is available at Aoyagi Sohonke stores, department stores in Nagoya, and the official online store until the end of December. 2 pieces per box, priced at 540 yen (tax included).

Aoyagi Sohonke Willows Mont Blanc

This is one of the "Willows" series of UIRO (sweetened rice-flour pastries) to be paired with black tea. It is sold together with "Willows Frozen Oolong Tea & Brown Sugar" and "Willows Pistachio".

Willows Mont Blanc, as the name suggests, is a seasonal flavor made with Italian chestnut powder kneaded and steamed to give the true flavor of chestnuts. It is recommended to drink with rich Assam tea.

Shelf life is 20 days from the date of manufacture. The package size is 5.5 x 9.0 x 2.3 cm. In principle, the company does not accept returns or exchanges, but if an item is defective or faulty, the customer is requested to notify the company and send the original product upon receipt. A replacement will be sent in return.