YOK MOK "YOK MOK handmade cookie puffs" and "Minami Aoyama Roll (small size)

Yoku Moku's Handmade Cookie Puffs and Minami Aoyama Roll (small size) will be available from Yoku Moku. They will be handled at the Tokyo Station Ichibangai store.

Yoku Moku Handmade Cookie Puffs

YOK MOK "YOK MOK handmade cookie puffs" and "Minami Aoyama Roll (small size)

Yaoc Moc's Handmade Cookie Puffs" are baked choux pastry filled with langue d'château, which is characterized by its light texture and delicate feel in the mouth. It is a product that can only be made by Yeok Mok, which produces a wide variety of langue d'choux, including its signature flavor "Cigar".

The custard cream is made with vanilla essence, a natural ingredient from Madagascar Bourbon vanilla sticks. The sweetness of the custard cream has a slightly spicy aroma.

The choux pastry is baked in the store and filled with cream upon order. The choux pastry is hand-made one at a time by the staff, allowing customers to enjoy the freshly made taste. The price is 378 yen.

Minami Aoyama Roll (small size)

YOK MOK "YOK MOK handmade cookie puffs" and "Minami Aoyama Roll (small size)

Minami Aoyama Roll (small size) is a roll cake characterized by its moist and fluffy texture. The smooth cream is rolled up in a fine soufflé dough.

Until now, only the whole size was available at some stores and the official online store, but now a smaller size is available exclusively at the Tokyo Station Ichibangai store to make it easier for customers to enjoy.

Milk is added to the maximum extent possible to keep the dough moist. The baking temperature is adjusted to prevent the dough from becoming too moist, and flour with low gluten content, which is often used in Japanese confectionery, is used to make the dough fine and moist. In addition, fresh cream with a rich taste and 40% milk fat content was used to match the dough. A generous amount of meringue made by beating egg whites is added for a fluffy texture.

The "Plain" is priced at 1,026 yen. The "Royal Milk Tea," available only in fall and winter, is priced at 1,080 yen. The "Chocolat" will be available from December.
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