Tasting review of "Yaki Dango", "An Dango", "Zunda Dango", "Sesame Dango", and "Mame Daifuku" from Fukagawa Iseya, a long-established Japanese sweets shop in Monzennakacho.

Fukagawa Iseya

Founded in 1907, Fukagawa Iseya is a confectionery shop in downtown Fukagawa that offers dango, daifuku, norimaki, inari, and other sweets for casual enjoyment. Currently, the company operates five stores, centering on the main store and the Hirano store.

Monzennakacho Fukagawa Iseya

This time, at the main store in Monzennakacho, I purchased a total of five items: four types of skewered dango ("yaki dango," "an dango," "zunda dango," and "sesame dango") and daifuku (bean-shaped rice cake). The price was 140 yen for the dango and 170 yen for the mame daifuku. Prices include tax.

Fukagawa Iseya "Yaki Dango", "An Dango", "Zunda Dango", "Sesame Dango

Yaki Dango

Fukagawa Iseya "Yaki Dango

So called "Mitarashi dango". The grilled dango is wrapped in a sauce called "Mitarashi". The sweetness and spiciness of the sauce enhances the flavor of the dango and the aroma of the baked dumplings. You could eat as many as you want!

An Dango

Fukagawa Iseya "An Dango

An-dango topped with a generous amount of light red bean paste. You can enjoy the harmony of the smooth and smooth bean paste and the chunky dango. The sweetness of the dango is also relatively low.

Zunda Dango

Fukagawa Iseya "Zunda dango

A product with the rich flavor of Zunda, a mashed texture, and just the right amount of sweetness. Its beautiful green color makes it a product that should be included in any assortment.

Sesame Dumpling

Fukagawa Iseya "sesame dango

You can fully enjoy the savory richness of sesame. The slight graininess of the sesame seeds adds to the savory flavor. If you like sesame, you can't miss it!

Mame Daifuku

Fukagawa Iseya "Mame Daifuku

Soft rice cake is wrapped with bean jam and the same bean paste. The hard texture of the bean and its crunchy taste accentuates the taste! Compared to dango, the ratio of bean paste to bean paste is larger, so you can feel the sweetness of the bean paste.

Fukagawa Iseya "Mame Daifuku

Fukagawa Iseya's wagashi are reasonably priced, and can be easily purchased and enjoyed from a single piece. Some tourists buy just one dango and eat it while walking around. The shop also sells boxed lunches, and since it gets crowded during lunchtime, it is recommended to visit at a slightly later time!