Kentucky "Garlic soy sauce chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken will start selling "Garlic Soy Sauce Chicken" at Kentucky Fried Chicken. The "Garlic Soy Sauce Chicken Set," "Eat It Again 4 Piece Pack," "Eat It Again 6 Piece Pack," and "Eat It Again 8 Piece Pack" will also be available at the same time.

Garlic Soy Sauce Chicken

Kentucky "Garlic soy sauce chicken

The popular "Garlic Soy Sauce Chicken" from last year is back. Garlic and soy sauce" is a Japanese classic flavor that is appetizing from its aroma. The moment you bite into a piece, the crispy texture and the aroma of "garlic and soy sauce" will hit your nose. In addition, the aroma of sesame seeds, the tangy accent of chili pepper, and the delicious taste of chicken will make this a "gem you can't stop eating once you start.

The "garlic and soy sauce" seasoning is a perfect match with rice. It is also recommended as a side dish.

Limited quantities will be available from September 14. The price is 280 yen (tax included, same as below).

The following sets and packs are also available.

Garlic Soy Sauce Chicken Set

Garlic soy sauce chicken, kernel crispy, potato S, drink M. Price: 800 yen.

4 Piece Pack

2 pieces garlic soy sauce chicken, 2 pieces original chicken, 2 fries S. Price: 1,400 yen.

6 Piece Pack

3 pieces garlic soy sauce chicken, 3 pieces original chicken, 3 fries S. Price: 1,850 yen.

8 Piece Pack

4 pieces of garlic soy sauce chicken, 4 pieces of original chicken, and 4 potato S. Price: 2,500 yen.