Croissant Taiyaki "Sweet Chestnut An

Tsukiji Gindako will sell Croissant Taiyaki "Amaguri An" for a limited time. The release date is September 18. The taiyaki specialty store "Gin-no-an" will release it on September 20. The price is 232 yen per fish (tax not included).

Croissant Taiyaki "Amaguri An

The Croissant Taiyaki "Sweet Chestnut An" is a limited-time product featuring the autumn taste "chestnut" as the main ingredient. The surface is sprinkled with pomegranate, topped with crushed chestnuts, and baked to a fragrant aroma.

Croissant Taiyaki "Sweet Chestnut An

What is Croissant Taiyaki?

Croissant Taiyaki is an original product of the Taiyaki specialty store Gin-no-an. The original taiyaki is made by wrapping homemade red bean paste in a special dough and baking it in a special taiyaki griddle. 24 layers of dough are baked at high temperature from both sides of the griddle at once, creating a unique "crispy" texture. One bite will fill your mouth with the rich aroma of the filling and the rich, thick flavor of the homemade red bean paste.