Ice cream "Fujiya Milky Cup

Akagi Nyugyo and Fujiya jointly developed the "Fujiya Milky Cup" ice cream. It is made with fresh Hokkaido cream, Milky-style brick milk, and Hokkaido milk, and is inspired by the taste of "Milky".

Fujiya Milky Cup

Ice cream "Fujiya Milky Cup

The "Fujiya Milky Cup" is an ice cream product developed in the image of Fujiya's long-selling candy "Milky. Milky is Fujiya's signature product and has been loved since its birth in 1951.

Compared to the "Fujiya Milky Cup" released last year, the air content of the ice cream has been reduced to create a smoother, denser flavor. In addition, Hokkaido milk has been newly blended into the ice cream, which is made from fresh Hokkaido cream and Milky-style brick milk. The new ice cream also has a milky flavor.

In addition, the center of the ice cream also contains milky-style renmu. You can enjoy the rich flavor.

Ice cream "Fujiya Milky Cup

There are six types of cute Peko-chan packages. Peko-chan is designed with various expressions and picturesque touches.

The product will go on sale nationwide on September 13. Estimated price: 162 yen (tax included). The type is iced milk. The content is 120 ml and the energy content is 195 kcal.