Korakuen "Tsukimi Ramen

Korakuen "Tsukimi Ramen

Korakuen will introduce "Tsukimi Ramen" as a limited-time menu item, available from September 9 to 30. The price is 690 yen (including tax, the same below), and additional toppings for one serving "Meat Double" for 250 yen, "Meat Triple" for 450 yen for two servings, and "Mega Mega Mega" for 600 yen for three servings.

Korakuen Tsukimi Ramen

Tsukimi Ramen" is inspired by the ancient Japanese autumn custom of "tsukimi," or moon-viewing. The pork belly topping is so plentiful that you can hardly see the noodles, and the egg yolk floats in the middle of the pork belly, reminiscent of the moon. The moist pork belly is cooked in bonito stock and two kinds of soy sauce to add flavor and richness.

The soup is a light yet rich soy sauce broth made from pork and chicken offal, kelp, dried bonito flakes, sardines, and other dried seafood, and goes well with Korakuen's medium-thick noodles. The pork flavor and the richness of the broth are mellowly enveloped by the egg, making it a perfect autumn bowl. Additional toppings can be added to the noodles or rice.

The end of sales period may vary depending on the store. The tableware may also differ.