Sukiya "Sukiyaki Gyudon

Sukiya will launch "Sukiyaki Gyudon" and "Umami Spicy Sukiyaki Gyudon" on September 14 (available at 1,942 stores), which will be discontinued in late October.

Sukiyaki Gyudon

Sukiyaki Gyudon" is a product that combines sukiyaki and gyudon in a "yummy! Sukiyaki Gyudon is a product that brings together sukiyaki and beef bowl. The beef bowl is topped with plenty of vegetables (Chinese cabbage, carrots, and green onions) soaked in Sukiya's special sukiyaki sauce, shirataki mushrooms, and large pieces of grilled tofu. You can enjoy the delicious taste of Sukiya's unique sukiyaki.

Sukiya "Sukiyaki Gyudon

Umakara Sukiyaki Gyudon

The "Umakarashi Sukiyaki Gyudon," which is made by mixing the ingredients of Sukiyaki Gyudon with Umakarashi Sauce, is also available at the same time. The delicious flavor of garlic and ginger and the spiciness of chili pepper stir up your appetite.

Sukiya "Umami spicy sukiyaki beef bowl

The "Sukiyaki Gyu-don Egg Set" and "Sukiyaki Gyu-don Tonjiru Egg Set" are also available for a 30 yen discount. The prices for both "Sukiyaki Gyudon" and "Umashiri Sukiyaki Gyudon" are 580 yen for a single portion, 680 yen for the egg set, and 780 yen for the Tonjiru Egg Set.