Kappa Sushi New Regular Menu

Kappa Sushi's regular menu will be revised on September 14. The "Selected items from the new regular menu" will be available at the "Selected! Autumn Creative Sushi Fair" will be held from September 7.

Kappa Sushi New Regular Menu

The new regular menu features a large number of "100 yen per plate (110 yen including tax)" items, which is the starting point of Kappa Sushi. The new lineup allows customers to enjoy sushi more casually. A number of seasonal items are available on the side menu, including the popular "chawanmushi" (steamed egg custard) and "tempura.

Kappa Sushi New Regular Menu
The image is [Eastern Japan version

In the new regular menu, 30 new sushi items priced at 100 yen (110 yen including tax) per plate have been added to the lineup, bringing the total to 84 items (83 items in the western Japan area). In addition to popular items such as "Tuna," "Live Hamachi," "Salmon," and "Shrimp," which are absolute staples, and "Salad Gunkan," the No. 1 most popular sushi in Nagano Prefecture, there is a wide variety of creative sushi such as "Negitoro Negi Shio Pepper Wrapped Negi," "Shin-ika Zakumi Rayu," and "Tororo Gunkan" that have been added to the menu. A wide variety of sushi items are available.

Kappa Sushi "Negitoro Negi Shio Pepper Wrapped
Negitoro (Negi-Toro) - Negi-Salt Pepper Wrapped

Following the popularity of the "Hamayaki-style Aomori scallops" seared with mayonnaise and Hamayaki sauce, "Hamayaki-style" menu items such as shrimp, squid, and egg are now available as new regular menu items. The "Akaebi Tenbara Nigiri," which features tenbara taught by a famous sushi chef, is a perfect combination of the texture of the tenbara and the salty taste. The new menu item is a new taste sensation that can be enjoyed by adding a little work to the rice.

Kappa Sushi "Hamayaki-style Aomori Scallops
Hamayaki-style Aomori scallops

New items are also available on the popular side menu. Two types of chawanmushi, popular for its smooth texture and dashi broth flavor, will be newly introduced: "chawanmushi with maitake mushrooms" and "chawanmushi with Hokkaido cod roe. The "Sushi-ya no Seasonal Tempura Morimeto - Tempura with Soy Sauce", which is carefully fried to order, now features the autumn flavors of sweet potatoes and maitake mushrooms.

Kappa Sushi Side Menu

Carefully selected! Autumn Creative Sushi Fair

Selected items from the revised regular menu will be offered at the "Selected! Autumn Creative Sushi Fair" will be held from September 7. A total of seven products will be available: the "Egg Yolk Sauce Series," popular for its rich, thick flavor; the "Zaku-Yami Rayu Series," which enhances the fish with the punch and spiciness of fragrant fried garlic and fried onions; and the "Hamayaki-style Series," with the irresistible aroma of sweet and sour Hamayaki sauce and mayonnaise seared on top of the fish. The "Zakumami Rayu Series" will be available.

Kappa Sushi "Selected! Autumn Creative Sushi Fair".

Squid with zaku-jami raayu: 110 yen per two pieces
Negitoro (Negi Tuna) wrapped in Zaku-Yami Rayu 110 yen per piece
Akaebi Zaku-Yami Rayu (red shrimp) 165 yen per piece
Hamayaki-style egg - 110 yen per two pieces
Egg yolk Negitoro Gunkan (two pieces) 110 yen
Egg yolk natto gunkan - 110 yen per two pieces
Egg yolk Tororo Gunkan: 110 yen per two pieces

Items sold may differ depending on the store.
The product may run out of stock or be discontinued even during the sales period due to weather, availability, sales volume, etc.
Although we take the utmost care in processing and cooking, there may be some bones left on the fish in rare cases.