J.S. PANCAKE CAFE "Pancakes with Shine Muscat and Double Caramel Sauce"

Pancake store J.S. PANCAKE CAFE will sell "Pancakes with Shine Muscat and Double Caramel Sauce" and other items. Limited time offer. The fair will be held from September 8 to October 12 at all J.S. PANCAKE CAFE stores and J.S. FOODIES Tennoji MIO store.

The first Autumn Fair at J.S. PANCAKE CAFE will feature the Shine Muscat, which is in season right now. This time, we will be using perfectly ripe pine muscats grown in Yamanashi Prefecture, which is known as the "Kingdom of Fruits. The size of the grapes, the shape of the clusters, and the freshness of the fruit were carefully selected to create a crispy texture, refreshing aroma, and elegant sweetness.

Pancakes with Cheyenne Muscat and Double Caramel Sauce

The chewy buttermilk batter is thinly baked and rolled into a pancake with a lighter texture and flavor. Furthermore, the generous use of two types of caramel sauces, passion-flavored milk caramel sauce and bitter caramel sauce, adds an elegant bitterness to the gentle sweetness, giving the pancakes a depth of flavor.

J.S. PANCAKE CAFE "Pancakes with Shine Muscat and Double Caramel Sauce

The product lineup is as follows. All prices are exclusive of tax.

(1) Pancake and drink set (pancake (2) and drink (3) or (4)): 2,100 yen
(2) Pancakes with Chine Muscat and double caramel sauce: 1,500 yen
(3) Cream tea soda with Cheyenne Muscat 800 yen
(4) Fruit tea with Shine Muscat 800 yen
(5) More Shine Muscat +400 yen

Only J.S. PANCAKE CAFE Sapporo Stellar Place uses Nagano Prefecture-grown Chine Muscat.