Mos Burger "Tsukimi Focaccia" (moon-viewing focaccia)

The "Tsukimi Focaccia" and "Autumn Toku Set" will be available at Mos Burger from September 14 to mid-November (except at some stores). At the same time, "Barbecue Focaccia," which is only available during the fall season, will be renewed and revived for sale.

Since its first appearance in 2000, the "Focaccia" series has been sold 10 times until 2014, and has been a popular limited fall/winter item. In response to persistent requests from customers, the series was revived last September for the first time in seven years since 2014, selling approximately 1.8 million servings. This time, "Barbecue Focaccia" is back on sale, and "Tsukimi Focaccia" is newly introduced as a variation product.

Tsukimi Focaccia

Tsukimi Focaccia" is a menu item inspired by the autumnal custom of "otsukimi" (moon viewing). Juicy and chewy sausage is combined with Mos original barbecue sauce and half-boiled egg, and sandwiched between soft and fluffy focaccia. The soft and fluffy focaccia sandwiches are filled with the rich and thick yolk of the semi-boiled egg, which envelops the entire dish in a mellow flavor. The price is 520 yen (tax included).

Mos Burger "Tsukimi Focaccia" (moon-viewing focaccia)

Autumn Toku Set

The "Autumn Toku Set" is a set of limited time-only autumn menu items at a discount. The set includes "Tsukimi Focaccia", "Edamame Corn Fries", and a set drink. The price is 850 yen.

Mos Burger "Tsukimi Focaccia" (moon-viewing focaccia)

Barbecue Focaccia

Focaccia is a bread characterized by its wheat aroma and soft texture, and is said to be the original form of pizza. This time, the horseshoe sausage has been increased by 8% and color has been added with green leaves and shredded cabbage, in hopes of making it more satisfying in time for the autumn season of appetite. The smoky aroma of hickory in the smoked sausage and sauce can be enjoyed, making this a dish that is both satisfying and aromatic, perfect for the autumn season of appetite. Priced at 460 yen.

Mos Burger "Barbecue Focaccia