Cat and Me at Night Collaboration Donut Set" from Ikumi Mama's Animal Donuts

Collaboration doughnut sets from Ikumi Mama's Animal Doughnuts for the popular anime "At Night with Cats" are now on sale. The popular annual "Otsukimi Usa-chan Donut Set" is also available. Priced at 2,980 yen for a six-pack (tax and shipping not included, same below).

Night with the Cat Collaboration Doughnut Set

Includes 6 limited edition doughnuts only available here and an original postcard. Ikumi Mama's animal doughnuts are not only cute, but also made with the highest quality ingredients. Only the highest quality ingredients are selected from all over Japan and each doughnut is handmade in the store. The colorful doughnuts are colored with white chocolate using matcha green tea, pumpkin, black sesame, purple sweet potato, etc., without using any synthetic coloring agents. All products are individually wrapped. Delivered in a cute gift box with the signature kitten, Mikeco, printed on it.

KYURUGA (round eyes) / KYURUGA (mousy eyes) x 2 each
Paw Paw Doughnut (pink) / Paw Paw Doughnut (blue) x 1 each (6 in total)
Includes 1 limited edition postcard

Flavors are as follows

KYURUGA (round eyes) Black sesame chocolate
Kuruga (Nemu Nemu) black sesame chocolate
Paw Paw Doughnut (pink) strawberry chocolate
Paw Paw Doughnut (blue) white chocolate (colored with spirulina blue pigment)

Cat and Me at Night Collaboration Donut Set" from Ikumi Mama's Animal Donuts

Otsukimi Bunny Set

Korokoro doughnuts, which look like tsukimi dango (moon-viewing dumplings), are filled with coconut. Ideal for home use or as a gift. Price: 2,890 yen.

Otsukimi Usa-chan Donut Set" from Ikumi Mama's Animal Donuts

Otsukimi Usa-chan (white) / Otsukimi Usa-chan (pink) x 2 each
Otsukimi-dango style dumpling doughnuts: white/yellow x 3 each (total 10 pieces)

Otsukimi Usa-chan (white): white chocolate with some coffee chocolate
Otsukimi Usa-chan (Pink): Strawberry chocolate with some sweet chocolate
◆ Otsukimi-dango style Korokoro-Doughnut (White) White chocolate
Otsukimi-dango style doughnut (yellow) pumpkin chocolate

The items marked with ◆ are made with almonds.