Godiva "Chocolixa Lemonade by Lemonica

Godiva Lumine Est Shinjuku store will sell a new drink "Chocolixer Lemonade by Lemonica" in collaboration with Lemonica. Store exclusive. The release date is September 15. The price is 690 yen for the regular size (270 ml) and 790 yen for the large size (350 ml) (both including tax).

The "Chocolixa" is a chocolate frozen drink developed by Godiva, which has been well received for its refreshing taste and luxurious flavor. To celebrate the opening of the Godiva Lumine Est Shinjuku store on September 15, 2022, the store will begin selling the "Chocolixer Lemonade by Lemonica" as a store-exclusive flavor in collaboration with Lemonica.

Chocolixer Lemonade by Lemonica

A new flavor created by Yannick Chevorot, Executive Chef Chocolatier/Pastry Chef of Gotiva, in pursuit of deliciousness. The refreshing and mild sourness and sweetness of Lemonica's original lemonade base melds with the milky, enveloping and gentle taste of Godiva's white chocolate in a perfect balance. You can enjoy an elegant and refreshing moment while enjoying the gradation of concentration with fluffy whipped cream and Lemonica's special lemon jam.