Fujiya "Look (Milk Parade)

A new flavor, "Look (Milk Parade)," will be available from September 13th from Fujiya's long-selling chocolate "LOOK" brand. The contents are 9 pieces, totaling 43g (1.52oz), and the selling price is 130 yen per package (tax included).

Look (Milk Parade)

The assortment includes "Fiantine Milk" with a refreshing sweetness and enjoyable texture, "Praline Milk" with a nutty taste, and "European Milk" with 80% European milk in the milk, and its flavor can be enjoyed. Hazelnut flavoring is used.

It is characterized by the fact that one can compare three types of milk chocolates in one box. In addition, the package features the character "Rukkun Milk" on the front.

The Look (Milk Parade) is scheduled to be developed as a standard product of the Look brand, along with the yellow packaged Look (A La Mode) and other familiar products.