Hamazushi "Hamako Set" toy "Happidanbuy" neck strap

The "Hamako Set" toys sold at Hamazushi restaurants will be available at stores nationwide from September 6 in a limited edition design featuring the Sanrio character unit "Happidanbuy" as a neck strap and rubber pencil cap.

Hamamako Set

The "Hamamako Set" consists of four types: "Hamamako Drink Set 230 yen (253 yen including tax)," "Hamamako Potato Set 280 yen (308 yen including tax)," "Hamamako Don Set 330 yen (363 yen including tax)," and "Hamamako Sushi Set 380 yen (418 yen including tax)" featuring tuna, shrimp, hamburger steak and more. There are a total of four types of "Hamamako Sushi Sets". All sets come with a choice of 11 drinks, including 100% apple juice, and coins for a special gacha machine.

This time, the Sanrio character unit "Hapidanbuy" will make their first appearance as toys for the exclusive gacha machine in the form of a neck strap and rubber pencil cap. There are a total of 10 types available, including 6 types of each character and 4 types of secret designs. It will be a fun to see which one you will get.

HAMAZUKI "HAMAZUKI SET" toy "Happidanbuy" rubber pencil cap

Anyone can order the "Hamakko Set.
Due to the structure of the gacha machine prizes, the same item may appear in succession.
Due to limited quantities, toys are subject to change depending on sales conditions.
Scheduled to start at all 564 stores (as of September 5).

Original smartphone wallpaper is available on the "Hamakko Set" introduction page on the official Hamazushi website and can be downloaded by anyone. There are two designs: "Hapidanbuy" playing with a special gacha machine and "Hapidanbuy" wearing a Hamasushi uniform. The download period is from September 6, 10:00 to September 20, 23:59.

Happidanbuy" original smartphone wallpaper

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