Gummi Fishing Gummi Sakananoko Collaboration Ver." from Bandai Candy Division.

Bandai's Candy Division will release a new product in collaboration with the movie "Sakananoko", "Uo Gyotte Tsuri Gumi Sakananoko Collaboration Ver.", a series of entertainment candy "Tsuri Gumi" which are gummy fish and characters that are suspended from a tray. The product will go on sale on September 5. The price is 65 yen (including tax).

Gummi Fishing Gummies: Sakananoko Collaboration Ver.

Uogyotto Tsuri Gummi Sakananoko Collaboration Ver." is a new product of Bandai's original entertainment snack "Uogyotto Tsuri Gummi" which uses a tray as the sea to catch various fish gummy bears. A limited time flavor is available to commemorate the release of the movie "Sakananoko. The flavors are yellow and blue "lemon and soda" flavors, inspired by the colors of Sakanakun's boxfish hat.

1 tray gummy (total 8 kinds/including 2 secret kinds)

1. shark
2. crocodile
3. whale shark
4. giant squid
5. Plesiosaurus
6. mosasaurus
7. secret
8. secret