St. Mark's Cafe "Premium Chococlo W Sweet Potato" and "Purple Sweet Potato Smoothie Night".

Halloween products "Premium Chococlo W Sweet Potato", "Purple Sweet Potato Smoothie Night" and "Yellow Sweet Potato Smoothie Moon" will be available at St. Mark's Cafe from September 16 to October 31. Sales may end without prior notice.

This year, under the theme of "Night Halloween - W (double), 2 layers", two kinds of sweet potatoes, purple and sweet, are used to create a product that looks Halloween-inspired. The product has a slightly mysterious appearance and uses carefully selected ingredients. The packaging is also Halloween-specific, making it a perfect souvenir for Halloween parties.

Premium Chococlo W Sweet Potato

A Halloween limited edition from the "Premium Chococlo" series, a richer version of St. Mark's Cafe's "Chococlo". Two layers of purple sweet potato white chocolate and Kagoshima sweet potato cream are wrapped in croissant dough. The surface is also baked with a cookie dough filled with purple sweet potato paste from Kumamoto Prefecture, creating two layers of dough and cream to match the theme.

St. Mark's Cafe "Premium Chococlo W Sweet Potato

The packaging is designed to bring out the excitement of Halloween night. The package is designed to bring excitement to the night of Halloween, with a purple base that evokes the image of a night Halloween, and a lively orange bat flapping its wings. The price including tax is 280 yen for a single piece and 1,200 yen for a box of 5 pieces.

St. Mark's Cafe "Premium Chococlo W Sweet Potato

Purple Sweet Potato Smoothie Night

Yellow Sweet Potato Smoothie Moon

This drink is characterized by its smooth and creamy taste. Based on a milky vanilla smoothie, red potato paste is used in the Night and sweet potato paste in the Moon. Toppings include Anno sweet potato sauce and sweet potato chips for a sweet potato experience. The price including tax is 590 yen for the S size.

St. Mark's Cafe "Purple Sweet Potato Smoothie Night" and "Yellow Sweet Potato Smoothie Moon