YUDETARO "Mini Noriben Set
(Image source: Yudetaro's official website)

Yudetaro has announced a new menu item, the "Mini Noriben Set," on its official website. The set includes a bowl of rice and either cold or hot noodles. The regular price is 620 yen (tax included, same below), but the campaign price is 520 yen. The "Mini-Noriben" will also be available for 230 yen instead of the usual 330 yen. Autumn coupon coupons will be distributed at the same time.

YUDETARO Mini Noriben Set

YUDETARO "Mini Noriben Set

The mini-nori bento includes seaweed from Setouchi Harimanada, extra-thin shavings of bonito flakes from Makurazaki, Choshi's honzen soy sauce, chikuwa (bamboo rings) with grated swordfish, and sukesodara (fish cake). The discount campaign will run from September 1 to 30.

There are two lines of Yudetaro stores, Shin-Etsu Shokuhin and Yudetaro System, and this new menu was announced by Yudetaro System. It is possible to check which is the nearest store from the official website.

Autumn Coupons

YUDETARO "Mini Noriben Set

The "Autumn Coupon" consists of six coupons for "Kakiage", "Croquette", "Curry Roux", "Onsen Tamago", "Sanriku Wakame", and "Soba Oomori". The coupons can be used when ordering a meal of 380 yen or more in the restaurant, and each person can use one coupon per meal.

The distribution period is from September 1 to 11. Valid from September 1 to the end of November. The offer ends as soon as the coupons are gone at Shin-Etsu Shokuhin stores.