Calbee "Kappa Ebisen Sweet Shrimp

Calbee's new "Ebi-sen Series" of Kappa Ebisen, "Kappa Ebisen Sweet Shrimp," made with selected whole natural sweet shrimp kneaded into a crispy texture, will be on sale. The product will go on sale on September 5 at convenience stores first. Kappa Ebi Sen Sweet Shrimp" will go on sale on September 5 at convenience stores and on September 12 at nonconvenience stores. Limited time offer. Estimated price is around 140 yen (including tax).

Kappa Ebisen Sweet Shrimp

Ama-ebi is in season from fall to winter, when the sea water temperature drops, and is considered to be at its best. Kappa Ebisen Sweet Shrimp" is made from 100% natural sweet shrimp, with the whole shells kneaded into the dough to give the deep sweetness and delicious taste of sweet shrimp. The dough is thinner than that of the standard product, giving it a crispy, light texture and melt-in-your-mouth feel.

The package has a simple design with a large photo of amaebi in the center to convey the special and high quality feel of using whole amaebi. The champagne gold color is used as a base color to evoke a sense of the fall and winter seasons and to create an elegant finish.