Aeon "Mochitto Torori Choux Italia Marron", "Tarte Frui - Grape", "4-layer Cheinmuscat Parfait".

Mochitto Torori Choux Italia Marron," "Tarte Frui - Grape," "4-layer Shine Muscat Parfait," "Hokkaido Pumpkin Rich Cheese Cake," and "Japanese Chestnut Mochiri Nama Dorayaki" are available at AEON and AEON Style stores in Honshu and Shikoku from September 1.

Mochitto-Torori Choux Italian Marron

A limited time flavor of "Mochitto Torori Choux" featuring mochi (sticky) texture dough. It is filled with a generous amount of marron-flavored cream. The price is 149.04 yen (tax included).

Aeon "Mochitto-Torori Choux Italia Marron

Tarte Fruie ~Kyoho Grape

A savory galette dough with a hint of saltiness is topped with a generous amount of whipped cream and fresh seasonal grape pulp. The juicy grapes and cream can be enjoyed together with the savory tart. Price: 257.04 yen.

Aeon "Tarte Fruie - Grape

Four-layer Shine Muscat Parfait

A four-layer parfait consisting of a Shainmuscat-style jelly, custard mousse, crumble dough, and whipped cream, topped with fresh seasonal Shainmuscat pulp. You can enjoy the elegant flavor of the refined muscat and the harmony of the four layers with different tastes and textures. Priced at 300.24 yen.

Aeon "4-layered Cheinmuscat Parfait" (4-layered parfait)

Hokkaido Pumpkin Rich Cheese Cake

A rich cheesecake filled with pumpkin. The rich cheesecake is made with fresh Hokkaido cream and topped with pumpkin Mont Blanc cream with strong sweet Hokkaido Ebisu pumpkin filling and pumpkin seeds. Price: 213.84 yen.

Aeon "Hokkaido Pumpkin Rich Cheese Cake

Japanese chestnut motto chiri-nama dorayaki

Nama-dorayaki with chunky dough made with chestnut red bean paste from Kumamoto Prefecture. Chestnut dice (from Korea) are mixed with cream made from fresh cream from Hokkaido to give it a dusty texture. The price is 170.64 yen.

Aeon "Japanese chestnut mochi dorayaki" (Japanese chestnut dorayaki)

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