Juregurt with apple jelly and yogurt" from Snow Brand Megmilk.

Snow Brand Megmilk will release "Juregurt Apple Juret and Yogurt". The release date is September 6. The price is 135 yen (excluding tax).

The "Juregurt" jellies are fruit jellies with a fruit juice content of 100% (the jellies (apple and orange) have a fruit juice content of 100% (fresh fruit juice equivalent ratio)) and are full of fruit juice. The yogurt is made with fresh cream from Hokkaido, enhancing the richness of the milk and making it dense. Using our unique patented manufacturing method (multi-layered food and its manufacturing method: Method Patent No. 4022558), the jelly and yogurt are separated into two layers in the cup. The two layers are mixed together in the mouth to create a "combined deliciousness" that can be enjoyed only when the cup is filled.

Juregurt - apple jelly and yogurt

A two-layer gelée made from 100% Fuji apple juice and yogurt made from fresh Hokkaido cream. The fresh apple-inspired gelée and the dense yogurt combine in the mouth to create a delicious taste. Each product contains 91 kcal.

Jureglut Orange Jure and Yogurt" will also be available in a new package.