Healing Toraneko Pudding Flavor" from Kougetsu-do Group

Kougetsu-do Group will release "Healing Toraneko Pudding Flavor," a pudding-flavored Torayaki that you will want to eat when you are tired or stressed. The product will go on sale on September 1. The estimated price is 138 yen per piece (excluding tax).

Healing Toraneko Pudding Flavor

The thick torayaki dough, filled with plenty of air, is characterized by its fluffy texture. Inside is sweet custard whip with a fluffy texture and the taste of melted eggs, and bitter caramel with a smooth texture and a pleasant taste. The sweet custard whip and bitter caramel sandwiches allow you to enjoy the change of sweetness and bitterness. Two flavors are available: "Healing Toraneko Pudding Flavor" and "Healing Toraneko Chocolate Flavor.

Cats, which also play an active role in animal therapy, are becoming increasingly popular as a healing presence in today's stressful society. In an effort to bring healing through the packaging as well, the design of the Torayaki dough is based on the tiger pattern of the healing properties of cats, which is represented in the baked dough.