Oishiku Komi Komi" from Ohayo Dairy Industry Co.

Ohayo Milk Industry's "Oishii Kajitsu" series, a delicious combination of milk and fruit, will release "Oishii Kajitsu Kyoho", the first bar ice cream in the series to use Kyoho grapes. It will go on sale on September 1. The price is 410 yen (tax included).

Oishiku Kajitsu Kyoho (Oishiku Fruit Kyoho)

This ice cream bar offers the gentle taste of milk and the rich flavor of fruit. The milk ice cream and fruit sauce are marbled together using Ohayo Milk Industry's unique manufacturing method, so the balance of milk and fruit changes with each bite, making it enjoyable all the way to the end.

The "Oishii Kajitsu Kyoho" is the first ice cream in the "Oishii Kajitsu" series to feature Kyoho grapes. The Japanese-born Kyoho grape has become popular for its large berries and aromatic, mellow flavor, and is also known as the "king of grapes. The juice of fully ripe Kyoho grapes is used. You can enjoy the delicious taste combined with milk, which is different from the fresh fruit.

This multi-pack contains multiple bottles (multiple pieces), so it is perfect for sharing with family members or as a snack stocking stuffer for enjoying time at home.