Kusefuku Shoten "Beni Imo Salt Flavor" "Beni Imo Tart Style

Beni-imo Salt Flavor" and "Beni-imo Tart Style" will be available at the official online store of Kuze Fuku Shoten. They will also be sold at Kuze Fuku Shoten stores nationwide.

Beni imo is a purple-red sweet potato harvested in Okinawa Prefecture. The new jam uses the brightly colored "Chura Koi Beni," which has a particularly strong sweet potato flavor among the many beni-imo varieties available.

Beni Imo Salt Flavor

The "Blue Sea" seawater salt from Okinawa, which is characterized by its mild flavor and subtle sweetness, is used. The moderate saltiness enhances the rich sweetness of the beni-imo and gives it a deep flavor. The smooth texture and sweetness of the texture and the sweetness of the taste will leave you with a lasting impression. When spread on bread and toasted, the aroma of baked sweet potato will spread. The price is 561 yen (tax included, same as below).

Kusefuku Shoten "Beni Imo Salt Flavor

Beni-imo Tart Style

A popular souvenir of Okinawa, beni-imo tart is now made into a jam! The unique flavor of the red sweet potato is preserved, while the addition of butter made from raw Hokkaido milk and eggs gives it a rich and refined sweetness. The savory flavor of the tart dough is also faithfully reproduced. Enjoy it by spreading it generously on bread. When dissolved in milk, it transforms into a rich red sweet potato latte. The price is 561 yen.

Kusefuku Shoten "Beni Imo Tart Style