MOW Earl Grey Milk Tea" from Morinaga Milk Industry Co.

Morinaga Milk Industry will sell a cup of ice cream "MOW Earl Grey Milk Tea". The product will go on sale on September 5. The estimated price is 150 yen (excluding tax).

MOW Earl Grey Milk Tea

MOW Earl Grey Milk Tea" is a milk tea ice cream that allows you to enjoy the exquisite taste of mellow Earl Grey and the richness of milk. Two types of black tea, Uva and Assam, are blended (55% Uva tea leaves and 32% Assam tea leaves as a percentage of the tea ingredients) to enhance the aromatic flavor of Earl Grey. The calorie content is 210 kcal.


The "MOW" series is a cup of ice cream with the "richness" of milk as its base and the "unique taste" of the combined ingredients. In order to maximize the individuality of the selected ingredients, no emulsifiers or stabilizers are used in the "label clean formula" (the name of Morinaga Milk Industry's concept of manufacturing with the minimum amount of ingredients to bring out the flavor of the ingredients).