Hanamaru Udon "Gutsy Meat! Meat and Meat Fair"

Hanamaru Udon will hold a "Meat Gut! Meat Fair" will be held at Hanamaru Udon. Beef Suki Beef Platter Udon" and "Shio Dare Pork Platter Udon" will be on sale for a limited time starting September 1.

Meat Gut! Meat Fair

Gyu-suki Beef Platter Udon

Hanamaru Udon "Gutsy Meat! Meat and Meat Fair"

The "Gyu-suki Beef Platter Udon" is a generous portion of beef and onions cooked slightly sweet like sukiyaki, and topped with green onions and a half-boiled egg. The golden combination of beef, green onions, and egg stimulates the appetite. The noodles are well mixed with the hearty ingredients. Priced at (small) 790 yen (medium) 790 yen (large) 920 yen (tax included).

Udon Noodle with Salt Sauce and Pork

Hanamaru Udon "Gutsy Meat! Meat and Meat Fair"

The "Pork Udon with Salt Sauce" is a dish of warm udon noodles with Hanamaru's special dipping sauce, pork belly, green onions, and topped with a half-boiled egg. The combination of pork belly and salt sauce goes well with udon and is addictive. The price is 740 yen for (small) 740 yen for (medium) 740 yen for (large) 870 yen.

The price is the same for small and medium sizes, and the same for in-store dining and To go.
A 30 yen per udon container fee will be charged for To go.
Prices differ at some stores.