Starbucks "Three Kinds of Mushrooms and Chicken Ishigam Filone"

The theme for the first Starbucks Autumn Season is "Our Harvest Table. The "3 Kinds of Mushrooms and Chicken Ishigama Filone," "Demi-glace Soy Ball Ishigama Filone," and "Veena Sausage Ishigama Filone (renewed)" will be available starting September 1.

Three Kinds of Mushrooms and Chicken Ishigama Filone

Filone bread is coated with olive oil and sandwiched with three kinds of mushrooms (buna shimeji mushrooms, eringi mushrooms, and mushrooms), chicken, and potatoes dressed with a sauce inspired by the flavor of ahi jio. By heating the sandwich, the aroma of the sauce is released and the delicious flavor of the mushrooms and chicken spreads in your mouth. The price is 530 yen (tax included).

Demi-glace Soy Ball Ishigama Filone

Starbucks "Demi-glace Soy Balls - Stone Kiln Filone"

Ishigama Filone is a plant-based menu item. Filone sandwiched with demi-glace sauce, soy balls, and soy milk white sauce with onions and mushrooms. Price: 510 yen.

Vina Sausage Ishigama Filone (renewed)

Starbucks "Vina Sausage Ishigama Filone (renewal)

Emphasizing the crispiness of the sausage when eaten, the crispy texture and juiciness of the rough-roasted sausage, the presence of the sausage is as strong as the texture of the filone. The flavor is enhanced by adding curry flavor to the baked potato, which has a hokuhokku feel, and the sauteed onions add sweetness. Priced at 565 yen.