Sakiyo-ken "Celebration of Respect for the Elderly Day Autumn Luxury Lunch Box".

Saki Yoken will introduce "Celebration of Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day Autumn Luxury Lunchbox", which will be available for pre-order in limited quantities from August 20, and will be delivered to 160 stores mainly in Tokyo and Kanagawa from September 17 to 19. On September 18 and 19, some stores in the Kanagawa and Tokyo areas will also sell the lunchboxes in stores without reservations. The selling price is 1,500 yen (tax included).

Celebration of Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day Autumn Luxury Lunch Box

Sakiyo-ken "Celebration of Respect for the Elderly Day Autumn Luxury Lunch Box".

The Japanese dish is "Kinmedai (sea bream) and mushrooms with Japanese-style red bean paste". Kinmedai (sea bream), which celebrates longevity, is covered with a Japanese-style red bean paste made from bunashimeji mushrooms and enoki mushrooms, which are in season in autumn.

The grilled dish is "Ginjirasu Shiro Soy Sauce Grilled Silver Fillet," a plump, fat-free white fish marinated in a white soy sauce-based sauce, and "Tamagoyaki," a slightly sweet-tasting egg omelet.

The simmered dishes include "Nishin kombu maki" (rolled herring with kelp), which is a wish for health and longevity, "Sake and salt simmered scallop", which is auspicious as it looks like a fan opening, "Shiitake mushroom stew", "Bamboo shoot stew", and "Soaked red bell pepper".

The steamed dish is "Shrimp siu-mai. The plump texture of the shrimp cut into large pieces is considered an addictive dish.

Deep-fried lotus root, which is in season during the fall and winter, is coated with a spicy tarako (cod roe) batter.

Vinegared "squid and eggplant with nambanzuke" is a mildly sour and sweet dish. Soft squid, deep-fried eggplant, and colorful vegetables are marinated in mildly sour and sweet vinegar. The spiciness of sliced red pepper is accentuated.

The pickles are "sakura daikon" (cherry blossom radish). It is said to have a refreshing taste that is just right for a chopstick rest.

There are two types of rice: "rice cooked with red snow crab and ginger," which is richly flavored and refreshing with plenty of red snow crab and chopped ginger, and "red rice" topped with sweetened chestnuts and sesame salt.

The sweet dishes are the gorgeous "Hana-Mochi" rice cake and the autumnal "Red Azuma Satsuma Sweet Potato Sweetened with Red Pepper" with its gentle sweetness.