Fukuya "Tundra Borscht Grandma's Taste"

Fukuya is selling "Tundra's Borscht Grandma's Flavor," a canned version of the famous "Borscht" from the long-established Russian restaurant "Tundra" in Tenjin, Fukuoka, which sadly closed its 61-year history in May 2021, with the flavor of the dish preserved. It contains 450g (15.87oz) and is priced at 900 yen (tax included).

The Russian restaurant Tundra was opened in Tenjin, Fukuoka in 1960 by the founder, Hatsumi Tokunaga. At a time when there were still only a few Western restaurants in Fukuoka, the traditional Russian dish "borscht" quickly became one of the most popular menu items.

After selling "canned borscht" for more than 10 years, Fukuya also received a lot of regret over the closure of the restaurant and a desire to resell the canned borscht. Then, hearing that Mr. Tokunaga, the founding family member, was trying to revive borscht in retort form, Fukuya decided to give its support for the revival. Then, six months after Tundra's closure, retort-type borscht sales were realized.

However, despite the revival of the retort pouch type, there were persistent requests for the canned type, which had been sold as souvenirs at the store since that time, and FUKUYA has been working on product development to see if it could somehow be realized. With the cooperation of Mr. Tokunaga, the founder of the company, we have finally reached a satisfactory taste after much trial and error, paying close attention to details such as the ingredients to be used, flavor preparation, and even the way the ingredients are cut.

The Taste of Borscht Gramma in the Tundra

The packaging of the canned product has been redesigned in a "nostalgic yet new" style that retains the design of the past while incorporating the tastes of the current era. The packaging represents the Tundra Borscht that has been and will continue to be passed down from generation to generation.

The new design is characterized by the rich flavorful taste of the ingredients, which is made possible by the canned packaging. The ingredients used are also carefully selected, with pork belly used as the meat, just like the one served at the restaurant at the time, and exactly like "that" Tundra's Borscht. It can be stored for a long time, with a shelf life of three years at room temperature. If you keep it in stock, you can enjoy the taste of the famous restaurant at home anytime.