Godiva "Okinawa Chura Koi Beni Shokorikisa

Godiva Japan will release a new flavor of the chocolate drink "Chocolixa", "Okinawa Chura Koi Beni Shokorikisa~". The release date is September 2. Limited quantity and time period. The product will be discontinued as soon as it is gone. The price is 690 yen for regular size and 790 yen for large size (both including tax).

Okinawa Chura Koi Beni Shokorikisa

Okinawa Chura Koi Beni Shokorikisa~" is a lovely light purple frozen drink with a sauce made from Okinawan red potatoes (made from Chura Koi Beni) mixed with white chocolate. The whipped cream is topped with red sweet potato sauce and black sesame seeds. The sweetness of the red sweet potato sauce, the milky sweetness of the white chocolate, and the creamy whipped cream with a hint of black sesame create a chocolixa with a blend of Japanese and Western flavors.

The "Okinawa Chura Koi Beni Shokori Kisa" is made with "Chura Koi Beni," an Okinawan red sweet potato whose name comes from the Okinawan dialect word "chura," meaning "pretty" or "beautiful.