Chateraise Tasting summary "Fruit-stuffed Shortcake".

Here is a summary of the tasty items we tried at Chateraise. The three items are "Fruit Shortcake", "Adult Choco Buckeyes Tiramisu", and "White Peach Mousse and Black Tea Joule".

Fruit Filled Shortcake

Shortcakes filled with an abundance of fresh fruit. The sponge is filled with whipped cream, strawberries, pears in syrup, and yellow peaches in syrup.

The sponge is moist and fluffy. The sponge has a moist and fluffy texture that gently melts in the mouth with the melted cream. The crunchy texture and sweetness of the sandwiched strawberries, pears in syrup, and yellow peaches in syrup are accented.

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Adult Chocolate Bucky Tiramisu

As the name implies, this ice cream bar is inspired by "Tiramisu". It is made of cheese ice cream with mascarpone cheese and cream cheese, and coffee-flavored sweet chocolate. The ice cream milk is differentiated by type.

The first thing you feel in your mouth is the crispy texture of the chocolate. Then the ice cream melts smoothly, and the chocolate changes to a smooth texture with the heat of your tongue. Everywhere you eat there is chocolate, and the textures are delightful from the first to the last bite!

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White peach mousse and black tea jelly

A layer of gently sweet peach cream, black tea jelly made with Darjeeling black tea from India, and refreshing peach jelly, topped with white peaches in syrup. The cup sweets allow you to enjoy the harmony of peaches and black tea.

The combination of the black tea jelly and peach jelly gives a gorgeous aroma and mellow flavor. The peach cream adds richness and fullness.

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SHATERAISE "Fruit-filled Shortcake".